Mission Statement & Commitments

SAFENATION exists to help organizations identify, recognize, and implement solutions to reduce operational risk. In order to do this, we provide high quality inspections, training, and safety management solutions to our clients. We are your trusted advisor and partner in INVESTING, IMPROVING, AND SUSTAINING your operations.



It is common thought that safety is a cost of compliance for organizations. However, this is not true... Safety is ultimately an investment activity and opportunity. The correct application of resources into effective training and management principles can produce increased morale, reduce losses, increase cost savings, and positively impact the bottom line. 


Safety greatly improves organizational operations. Equipment downtimes, work stoppages due to incidents, decreased productivity from injured workers are all issues that affect organizations. By streamlining safety into your operations these issues can be minimized or even eliminated; improving your performance.




Organizations strive to ensure continued success and profitability for the long haul. Safety is an integral and critical piece for that goal. Safety promotes sustainability by providing protections for your most valuable assets: People and Property.